Mould Free Ventilation Units

Condensation and Mould Control

Dampness caused by excessive condensation (from showering, cooking and daily activities) can lead to mould growth on walls and furniture, mildew on clothes and other fabrics and the rotting of wooden window frames.

In addition, damp humid conditions provide an environment in which house dust mites can easily multiply.

The presence of mould and dust mites can make existing respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis worse and can contribute to health conditions and poor air quality.

A mould free ventilation unit from Dorset Fire & Security can remove mould and condensation from internal areas for good.

The Ventilation Units

The mould free ventilation units we install are designed for use in almost all dwelling types with both loft and wall units available and is easy to retrofit.

These units usually consist of a small fan in the loft or other central location, which supplies filtered, ‘fresh’ air down into the property through a ceiling diffuser, diluting polluted, moisture-laden air and drastically reducing mould.

The units are tried and tested to reduce the humidity within the home removing the environments for mould growth.

Within a few weeks of installing a positive input system, you will notice the mould will have dried out and can be treated safe in the knowledge it will not return.

Why Have a Mould Free Ventilation Unit Installed?

By gently diluting the stale and moist air in your home, you alleviate many of the issues that cause poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to condensation, which in time will cause mould and damp problems within the home.

A neatly designed heater is fitted to the unit to temper the incoming air stopping cold draughts. The G4 Filters remove harmful particles such as pollen and dust which can cause allergies. Completely adjustable airflow and heater settings allow for an install that suits every property.

For homes with loft spaces, the PPS/LH is installed in the loft and the discreet diffuser is installed in the hallway. For homes without loft spaces, the SMPPS/W is installed on the wall in a central hallway. Gently introducing tempered air into the house curing even stubborn condensation and issues.


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