High Definition CCTV

We have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HD CCTV) to businesses throughout the UK.

Whether a large or small business, our HD CCTV systems are designed, installed and maintained by us to meet your exact working requirements. Also, our long standing relationships with major CCTV providers, allows us to provide a unique range of CCTV solutions that are effective for any business.

An IP CCTV system gives you paramount image quality with High Definition Megapixel resolution, ranging from a range of different megapixel cameras, meaning that even in low light, detail is identifiable, such as faces, number-plates and the images are clearer at a greater distance. One single IP camera can cover an area of what it would take numerous traditional analogue cameras to cover.

CCTV Installation & Integration

IP CCTV systems can run over existing wired Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 etc or using a wireless network. Meaning the installation is less of a disruption, it reduces installation time and manpower. An IP CCTV camera solution uses a single cable for power, so no need for a separate power source, camera control, data and audio.

An IP CCTV system can be integrated with other security solutions, such as an Access Control System and other IT systems to provide a building management control system. Data from other security devices can be directly connected with the HD CCTV images to give a comprehensive security solution.

IP CCTV, in the long term is much more cost-effective than old traditional analogue cameras. The initial installation is easier, and it can be continuously upgraded adding additional cameras, software, recording equipment with ease. You can start by utilizing your existing analogue cameras recording on an IP backbone to upgrade at a later date.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition uses deep learning algorithms to create positive identification of individuals. Facial recognition works together with a database in order for faces to be identified.

As people pass by, the camera captures images of their faces and are analysed. When facial recognition is implemented with a dynamic database, facial images are captured and analysed as personnel pass by the camera.

Facial detection and recognition are designed so that CCTV systems can operate more efficiently. It can massively shorten image review process and can alert staff when a person of interest appears, whether they be VIP’s or unwanted guests.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics uses intelligent software algorithms to analyse CCTV image detecting alarm conditions, such as an intruder moving into a restricted area.

A Video Analytics system can detect specific objects, vehicles or people while ignoring insignificant objects. It can track these objects reliably and generate an alarm which is configured in the software or a challenge from a third-party monitoring station.

There are many applications for Video Analytics. The most common applications are perimeter protection, tripwires and loiter zones, object and vehicle tracking, verification of abandoned or missing items, scene change, face detection, heat maps and people counting.

We offer Video Analytics from the industry’s leading suppliers including Dahua’s Premium Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) for basic data, Advanced IVS for mid-level analysis, and Analytics+ with two layers of alarm filtration for advanced applications also solutions from Hikvision’s DeepinMind Series.


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