Access Control

Access Control & Intercom Systems

Our Access control systems provide a secure, cost-effective, convenient and flexible way of controlling who has access to and around your buildings and assets.

Installing an access control system means that you will have complete control. Electronic tokens and cards are issued to personnel, allowing them to gain entry and exit through electronically controlled doors. They can then be easily barred from the system if their tokens, etc., are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone who leaves.

Additionally, an access control system can offer you more functionality by integrating with other systems like CCTV, or even more added security by linking an intruder alarm or fingerprint bio-metrics to create a complete solution.

Access Control

Access Control is an intuitive and straightforward electronic access control solutions. Our Access Control systems are designed to not only be fit for purpose, but also to integrate smoothly within any working environment.

An Access control system provides a cost-effective, efficient and convenient way of securing buildings and assets, they are easy to use and maintain. Access Control is quite simply being able to control access in and around your premises, or a specific area using tokens, cards and readers to replace locks and keys.

The systems are easy to use and allows a central control from your desk, with the ability to immediately update access permissions.

Biometric Access Control

Our fingerprint recognition systems have been professionally manufactured with years of experience at the leading edge of bio-metrics security solutions and have undergone extensive research, development and testing.

Whatever the requirement, a singular reader for their main entrance door, or several bio-metric readers linked throughout their organisation to keep assets and staff secure or restrict visitors to a sensitive area.

Bio-metric products can seamlessly integrate with a large range of access control manufacturers such as Paxton, PAC, Lenel, Genetec and many, many more.

Bio-metric products serve as secure access control, but they can also be used for various other operations. From time and attendance management, clocking in-out systems and privacy protection to hierarchy access management, you can manage both your premises and your employees movement around that premises effectively with fingerprint readers.

Intercom Access Control Systems

Intercoms and Video Intercoms enable communication between two or more locations and can be used to verify the identity of anyone seeking to gain access whether it be a delivery or a visitor, in Video Intercoms the identity can be seen via a monitor

An audio intercom entry system can be connected to one or several internal phones. The phones can link to the lock release on the door, controlled by the owner, permitting access to guests and keeping unwanted visitors and callers out.

Intercom systems can use mobile phone technology, these are well suited for gate or barrier systems, remote sites, or where cabling is an issue and would not be an option.

Video Entry solutions are especially useful for business applications, where there is a lot of people traffic and you need to positively identify a caller, a video intercom system allows for visual recognition and 100% confirmation of the identity of every caller. Available in a range of sturdy vandal and weather resistant designs.


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