Security Tips For Summer Holidays

Our Top Security Tips For Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are an ideal time for families to bond, explore new destinations, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

However, amidst all the excitement and relaxation that summer getaways offer, a major concern lurks – the security of your home during your absence.

Extended absences can potentially expose your home to threats such as break-ins, vandalism, and other criminal activities. This is why you need to consider home security before your vacation, as investing time in safeguarding your home and considering the security systems you need will provide peace of mind, making your summer holidays more pleasant.

Dorset Fire & Security specialises in security solutions and provides expert installation of CCTV, intruder alarms and other security measures to ensure your safety.

In this comprehensive guide, we are offering our top, practical home security tips for your summer holidays so you can secure your home and ensure peace of mind, even when you are not present.

Why Is Home Security In the Holidays Important?

Home security matters throughout the year, but summer brings unique risks which is why it is an ideal time to evaluate your current security measures.

Summer is the peak season for holidays, and it is during these extended absences that burglaries are most likely to occur if your home is not protected well enough.

When homeowners are away for weeks, their properties become more susceptible to intrusions, theft, and other security risks. Opportunistic burglars look for homes without adequate security measures and extended absences, such as during summer holidays, presents a prime opportunity for them to commit their crimes.

A well-secured home protects not only your belongings and property while you are away but also ensures peace of mind throughout your vacation. In many instances, the mere presence of security systems such as CCTV cameras can deter potential criminals, ensuring your home remains safe during your absence.

Multiple home security system options can safeguard your home during your absence and can be installed easily before your summer holiday.

How to Secure Your Home During Summer Holidays

Effective home security measures can deter would-be burglars and thwart any attempts to breach your home’s security, so you can enjoy your holiday in peace.

The following methods can help secure your home and provide high levels of safety during your prolonged absence this summer.

Secure Entry Points

Boosting your home security, whether during summer holidays or at any other time of the year, can be achieved by installing high-quality locks on all entry points.

Securing entry points such as doors and windows can deter break-ins by making it harder for burglars to gain access.

High-quality locks should be installed on all doors and windows throughout your home to limit any possible points of entry for burglars. Opt for durable, tamper-proof locks for additional protection. Deadbolts, for example, are ideal for doors due to their exceptional durability.

If your home is in an area prone to burglaries, you might also want to consider additional security measures for windows such as grills or bars.

Install Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are a great security measure to use at all times, but are especially useful during extended absences from home, such as a summer holiday.

Security alarms can alert you to any unauthorised entry into your home. Modern alarm systems feature a range of functionalities, including motion sensors, which can trigger an alarm and alert the relevant authorities in case of a breach. Some home alarm options can integrate with other elements of your security system, such as surveillance cameras.

Not only are security alarms highly effective at altering security breaches, but their visible presence also acts as a deterrent by signalling to burglars that your home is well-protected, therefore making it less of a target.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there. Like alarm systems, visible security cameras can deter burglars while adding another layer of protection.

Most modern security cameras can be accessed remotely, allowing you to monitor your home whether you’re lounging by a pool or sunbathing on a foreign beach.

Install security cameras throughout your property, ensuring entry points are covered, and include indoor cameras for added security.

Timers for Lights and Electronics

A quiet, dark house is a clear sign that it is unoccupied and could make your property a target for burglars. Using timers for lights and other electronics can create the illusion of occupancy, even when you’re away, reducing this risk.

Various types of electronic timers are available, from staggered timers that can turn lights on and off at different times in various rooms, to smart plugs that can be controlled remotely through an app.

In addition to lights, timers can also control other appliances like televisions or radios, further enhancing the illusion of occupancy and deterring potential criminals.

However, ensure you use timers for these devices rather than leaving them running continuously while you’re away, as this is both safer and more cost-effective.

Use Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating the exterior of your home is as important as lighting up its interior from a security perspective. Outdoor lighting not only deters burglars who prefer to operate under cover of darkness, but it also illuminates any suspicious activities around your property.

Several outdoor lighting options are available to enhance home security, whether you’re present or not, including motion-sensor lights and security floodlights that can illuminate large areas such as driveways or backyards.

Perform Garden Maintenance

Before setting off on your holiday, ensure your garden is tidy and clear. Overgrown foliage and other obstructions can conceal potential intruders, posing a significant threat to your home security.

A well-kept garden not only reduces hiding spots for criminals but also creates the impression that the home is occupied. An overgrown garden, on the other hand, signals that the property has been vacant for some time, potentially attracting burglars.

Take some time before you go away on vacation or an extended trip to perform regular garden maintenance such as mowing your lawn, trimming hedges, and disposing of any excess waste.

Avoid Publicising Your Holiday Plans

As tempting as it might be to share your holiday plans on social media, doing so could unwittingly alert criminals to your absence. While it’s common to share highlights with friends and family online, this can inadvertently create security issues and needs to be handled carefully to limit this risk.

Be mindful of what you share online, and who you inform about your holiday plans. If you decide to post updates from your trip, review your security settings and limit access to your posts to avoid the information falling into the wrong hands.

For maximum security, refrain from posting anything until you return – then you can freely share your experiences without the associated risks.

Notify Trusted Neighbours

While publicly broadcasting your holiday plans isn’t advisable, it could be beneficial to inform a trusted neighbour about your absence ahead of time. A dependable neighbour adds an extra layer of protection by looking out for suspicious activities and can even help secure your property.

For example, you can ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your property and collect any mail that gathers during your vacation to prevent it from appearing unoccupied. They might also park a car on your driveway, further creating an impression of occupancy and deterring potential burglars.

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