Top Tips For Enhanced Commercial Security Lighting

Commercial Security Lighting

Commercial security lighting forms a crucial component of an effective security strategy for any business setup. 

Superior lighting goes beyond mere visibility; it plays a key role in deterring potential intruders, boosting surveillance capabilities, and ensuring the safety of employees and guests. 

To ensure that your commercial premises are protected from all kinds of threats and that you are maximising security lighting, we are offering expert security installation tips to aid the processes.

Undertake a Comprehensive Lighting Audit

Before adopting new lighting alternatives, a thorough analysis of your existing system is crucial. 

This exploration should target operational fixtures, light intensity levels, coverage extents, and potential poorly lit areas. 

A detailed examination helps make informed decisions regarding necessary enhancements or upgrades to your security, as well as determining what kind of lighting is best for your site. 

Establish Layered Lighting Designs

Layering is a must for commercial security lighting. Start with a foundational layer of general illumination to maintain visibility throughout your premises.

Initiate concentrated lighting in areas of significant activity, particularly at entry points and loading docks. 

Lastly, include decorative lighting to accentuate architectural elements or landscaping, which also acts as a countermeasure against unauthorised access.

Strategically Locate Lights for Maximum Spread

Right positioning matters, which is why you need to ensure you position lights to cover all crucial locations.

As well as covering the necessary areas, the right position will not produce shadows or glare to offer maximum illumination. 

Also make sure entrances, exits, and boundaries are adequately lit. A good option for this can be to mount lights at the optimal height and angle, as this reduces dark spots and deters tampering.

Synchronise Security Systems

Security illumination should be integrated with your CCTV setup to enhance visibility and improve camera performance post-sunset. 

Consider infrared floodlights for superior night vision without generating visible glare, ensuring any issue can be seen on the cameras clearly.

Regularly Inspect and Evaluate Your Lighting System

Even the best-designed security lighting system falls short without routine maintenance. Stick to a regular maintenance regime to check, clean, and when required, replace lighting fixtures. 

This regularity ensures peak efficiency when you need it the most.

Employ Advanced Lighting Technology

Smart lighting with remote control and customisation features adds an extra layer of security and convenience.

These systems allow for programmed lighting patterns that imitate activity in premises when unoccupied, acting as a powerful deterrent to criminals.

Be Aware Of Legal Requirements

Ensure your security lighting complies with local laws, especially regarding light pollution and neighbourhood disturbances. 

Adherence to regulations displays your commitment to socially responsible security practices and keeps you on the right side of the law.

Security Lighting Solutions For Commercial Premises

At Dorest Fire and Security, we offer a range of security lighting solutions. 

Based on the requirements of your business, the site you are protecting and other factors mentioned throughout this guide you may want to consider the following lighting solutions:

  • Continuous Lighting

As the name suggests, this kind of lighting provides consistent illumination throughout the night, such as dusk-to-dawn lights and wall-mounted fixtures. Continuous lighting enhances visibility and deters potential intruders.

  • Emergency Lighting

This lighting only activates during power outages or emergencies, ensuring safety and visibility in critical situations, and is commonly used in conjunction with backup power sources.

  • Moveable Lighting

This portable lighting solution offers flexibility and is ideal for temporary security needs or outdoor events. Several types of lighting fit into this category, including solar-powered motion lights.

  • Standby Lighting

These systems serve as a backup lighting system, and will automatically activate if the main lighting fails. With standby lighting, you can ensure continuous security on site, even during power disruptions.


Efficient security lighting involves more than merely installing bulbs and fixtures; it requires careful planning, strategic placement, and regular upkeep. 

Given that each commercial property presents unique challenges, these guidelines should trigger discussions with lighting and security experts.  We are here to help you with identifying and implementing the most suitable security lighting solutions for your business.

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