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Burlington Mansions

Wireless EMS Fire Alarm Installation tailored to the specific requirements of this unique building.

About Project:

In Boscombe, there exists a building that was once the crown jewel of the area, housing 200 bedrooms, this hotel designed by Thomas Edward Collcutt, a renowned Victorian architect who previously worked for Queen Victoria on the imperial institute, designed the Palace Theatre and rebuilt the Savoy Hotel. The proprietors of The Buckingham Palace enlisted the services of Thomas Collcutt to create a grand and picturesque hotel on the South Coast. The vision was to provide an elegant retreat for the affluent upper classes from London, the hotel designed in an Italian renaissance style with four floors and two wings, the interior designed on the American model of self-contained family suites, the gardens sloped down via paths lined with pine trees, leading to the sea and Boscombe pier.

In the twentieth century, this majestic building underwent a transformation into luxurious apartments. Attracting both homeowners and holidaymakers alike, this exquisite property boasts a well-equipped gymnasium, a friendly on-site caretaker, and the option of short-term holiday rentals. Due to the nature of the premises, it was essential that the fire alarm system was both reliable and secure, and that it could be installed with minimal disruption to the guests.

The client chose Dorset Fire & Security to supply a comprehensive wireless EMS fire alarm system, no cables needed, meaning it could be installed quickly and with minimal disruption. Why settle for a boring, inflexible fire detection system? With EMS Wireless fire detection installations, you get maximum flexibility and rapid deployment potential. These systems can seamlessly switch between different modes, making them the perfect solution for industries of all kinds.

The system at Burlington Mansions has been carefully tailored to the specific requirements of this unique building. The fire alarm has been designed to comply with a category L2/M system which means that Automatic Fire Detection is only installed in escape routes comprising circulation areas and spaces such as corridors and stairways, rooms leading off escape routes together with additional specified areas. Manual call points are installed at final exits and change of level. Our installation team liaised closely with the management company to progress effectively and efficiently with the complexities of working with residents to minimise disruptions.

Within the west, east, and central wings at Burlington mansions, we Installed 4 Syncro 2 loop 16 zone panels, 4 high gain external UHF aerials, 427 detector bases, 5 dual input/output units, 190 EMS fire cell white sounders, 116 optical smoke detectors, 115 heat detectors, 37 Sealed 4AH 6v batteries, 37 wireless radio cluster communicators and 30 wireless manual call points.

Our experienced engineers expertly installed the system and tested it to ensure it was functioning optimally. Then provided a handover to the site manager on how to use the system, the commissioning engineer certified it upon completion. This process involved a full system test, including a walk-through of all the detection devices and a system check to ensure the system was operating correctly.

The Wireless EMS fire alarm system is now in place and provides a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution. Our installation team provided a professional service that was completed quickly and to a high standard. We received positive feedback from EMS regarding the high quality of the installation works. The client can now rest assured that their guests are safe, and that their fire alarm system is both reliable and compliant.



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